Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to Terms and Conditions, and by any use of this site or any of the physical or virtual property of The Flightpath, up to, including, and without limitation, The Flightpath Online Store, The Flightpath Bodega, The Flightpath Commissary, The Flightpath Mardi Mart, and the brick and mortar Flightpath itself, you hereby agree to call your mother at least twice a week.



If you would like to donate to The Flightpath, one of the best ways is through Venmo.  That way we don't have to give 5% of your donation straight to our credit card processor.  Just let us know if you would like for your donation to go to the baristas, the commissary, or The Flightpath itself.  Donations to "The Flightpath" go to paying our rent, payroll, taxes, wholesalers (like Quack's Bakery), and utility bills.


You can find us on Venmo at  @Flightpath-Coffeehouse