We Can Deliver Groceries.

     If you are exhausted by the mere sight of a wall of text, then you will appreciate the abbreviated version of this page at OK BOOMER.


     The Flightpath is open for to-go orders and grocery shopping.  We are open until 5 PM every day, but you can always call the store if you are in need of something after hours. 


     The Flightpath Bodega is our retail pop-up grocery that we created to try to make ends meet.  It is open to the public for walk-in, curbside pickup, and delivery.  For pick up and delivery, you can register here to order online and schedule your time slot.  If you are just curious as to what is available, you can browse around in our Grocery section here. There are many more options for drinks and snacks that can be browsed from the lower menu on the SHOP page.  If you prefer delivery, you can get more information about it here.


     This is also the home of the Flightpath Neighborhood Commissary.  If you lost your job because of The Crisis, then we would like to help you out.  The commissary was set up to repackage bulk foods for resale at cost for the recently unemployed, but thanks to your neighbors' donations prices have dropped and we have been able to expand the selection of vegetables.  Check out the prices under the Commissary category on the SHOP page to feel the love of your community.  You can also shop in the grocery and you will receive 30% off for food items.  The snacks and drinks categories are open to you as well with that discount.  Just copy this number, 5011 , and paste it as your coupon code when you check out to apply your Corona-Unemployed discount.  NOTE: Commissary prices will fluctuate in relation to costs and donations.  Most people will only donate once, so eventually prices on food staples will return to actual cost.


     Notes on alcohol deliveries:  This isn't New Orleans.  Alcohol deliveries must be accompanied by a food purchase.  Technically, a pack of cayenne cashews from AustiNuts is food, as is most of our other pre-packaged and ready to eat items from the cafe and grocery.  Flour and yeast WILL BE food at some point, but do not qualify as food at the time of delivery.  There must be someone of legal age to accept alcohol deliveries.  No alcohol can ever be sold or delivered to an intoxicated person.  There are no exceptions.


This is our pop-up grocery that we are calling "Angie's Bodega".  It is right next to "Kristin's Commissary".  Ryan, Robert and Chris will be doing bicycle deliveries on the Flightcycle.

5011 Duval Street, ATX  78751
Tel: 512.458.4472 | Email: theflightpath@hotmail



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